APEX School of Theology

We are dedicated to serving area clergy who want formal theological training, and meeting the educational needs of lay leaders in the faith community who could not afford the tuition of other seminaries.

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Fulfilling Your Call

Our students serve small, medium, and large churches as pastors, Christian educators, counselors, chaplains, and nursing/rest home providers of ministry. ASOT provides them an opportunity to fulfill their “call” to Christian service.

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Not Local? No Problem.

Apex is one of the few private, freestanding theological undergraduate and graduate schools to offer its degree programs online. So don’t worry if you’re not local. Your Christian education is only a click away.

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Planned Giving

Apex School of Theology is building its permanent school endowment. We need your gifts of love to keep educational expenses affordable for students who seek theological education might have the opportunity to attend school.

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School Programs

Associates of Christian Education
Bachelor of Theology
Master of Christian Education
M.A. in Christian Counseling
M.A. in Biblical Counseling
Master of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry
Continuing Education

Dr. J.E. Perkins, President/Founder


Welcome to Apex School of Theology!

We here at ASOT have done everything within our means to see to it that you get a quality Christian education in a learning environment that is spiritually uplifting and nurturing that will allow the best in you to be drawn out for the Master. READ MORE


Dr. Perkins’ New Book

A great supplement to your theology collection. For a preview of what you will find in the pages of this book. CLICK HERE

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